Local Locksmith Services in Brampton

Are you in need of the services of a Local Locksmith in Brampton? Asking around will get you many different responses. This article aims to put some names to the various Local Brampton Locksmith services has to offer.

“GR Locksmith Brampton, One Easy Stop Locksmith, is a local, family owned and operated locksmith business based in Brampton Ontario.” Sounds good right? Well, it kind of does. I’ve had one or two of these types of services in the past and they did leave a nice smile on my face, but nothing felt 100% secure when using them. The company did send someone out to rekey the lock once, but that was about it.

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From what I’ve seen, this type of service doesn’t seem to offer much more than re-keying an existing lock, which is just about all they do. They do advise people to change their deadbolt and maybe to get new keys for the doors and windows. These are pretty standard security services for locksmiths, but they don’t really go into the depth needed for someone locked out of their house. As far as emergency lockouts, we didn’t have much luck with this company.

“GR Locksmith Services in Brampton: A Good One?” This is how the second paragraph begins: “locksmith services in Brampton, ON are offered by four professionals who have been in the business for more than a decade. The men are: Anthony Cappiello, Al Bello, Mike Zajac and John Girard. All of these men are very familiar with all the lock mechanisms in the city and can fix just about any lock you might encounter.”

Now then, this is not entirely accurate, because it does take some time finding out the lock professional who can help you in an emergency. Also, one or two of these locks might not be the right kind of locksmiths for you. You need to think through exactly what you want done and whether it is something that can wait. If it is something like replacing your deadbolt, it might not be best to choose Al Bello or Anthony Cappiello, even though they were recommended to us by a friend. This is because in my opinion, in many cases, they tend to charge way too much money for a simple fix and there’s no reason to do so. If you’re in an emergency situation, you’ll probably want to go with someone who charges more, such as Girard or Zajac.

There are other locksmith services in Brampton, ON that can provide you with a lot of help, but are not on the same level as Al Bello and Cappiello. For example, if you have an old deadbolt installed, you might want to have it replaced with a new one. These services aren’t that expensive, so you should definitely look into it. If you don’t know how to install deadbolts, you can find some great instructions online, or you could ask your local locksmith for help. Lock industry professionals are trained to be experts at all of their craft, and they also know how to install the different kinds of locks, and which one is the best for your home or business location. So when you’re looking for a locksmith in Brampton, take your time and make sure you choose the right one for your needs.