Landmark Inspections Services

Landmark inspections services are the best in the industry and they provide their clients with top-notch, top-quality service. If you are considering investing in a new property or renovating your existing property to make it more attractive, then Landmark inspections services could be ideal for you. This company is accredited by real estate associations and accredits its inspectors with special certifications. The Landmark inspectors are insured, bonded and licensed by the Department of Health. These are the three basic requirements that must be met by any Landmark inspector before they can legally inspect any property. Read to know more information here.

Landmark inspections services employ over 400 full-time inspectors and staff. These employees have gone through extensive training, have undergone extensive background checks and are completely aware of what they are doing. Each inspector is assigned a specific, detailed file. When an inspection is performed, the inspector does not just walk through the property looking at the basics; instead, he or she takes care to go over every aspect of the home with a trained eye. This means going into rooms, cabinets, closets, basements, attics, private or public parking lots, decks, driveways, porches, exterior walls, gutters, eaves, rooflines, verandas and walkways, among other areas.

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Landmark inspection services guarantees that all work is done professionally and in a timely manner. These services do not guarantee that everything will be found. If something is missed, they will make sure to include this information in the end report. They also do not guarantee that a property will have pest or mold issues covered, nor will they pay for additional inspections that have been pre-approved.

Landmark inspection services provide their clients with a comprehensive guarantee. They guarantee that any issue that is discovered during the course of the Landmark inspection will be fully assessed, repaired, restored and re inspected again in the future if required. This kind of guarantee reassures clients that Landmark has made certain that their work is error free, which is a good sign for other contractors as well.

Landmark inspection services also offer their clients liability insurance. They can cover construction workers, maintenance workers, roofers, engineers, architects, landscapers, builders, and real estate agents that come into contact with the building and/or property. Clients can rest assured knowing that Landmark takes their responsibilities seriously and offers great customer service. Landmark offers its clients ongoing after sales service and free technical support round the clock.

Landmark inspections are carried out by licensed and insured contractors. Therefore, Landmark carries a great responsibility towards their clients. To ensure that they provide only the highest quality inspection services, Landmark carries out random and independent verification of work conducted by each contractor. This ensures that clients are not paying for unnecessary reworks. It also ensures that they are hiring the best available crew, with the highest level of skill and expertise.